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A picture is worth a thousand words!

If you have a photo of your pet, especially a color one, make copies and post it in your neighborhood, and in stores, groceries, and veterinarian offices (with permission), and bring one to the animal shelter/humane society in your county. Don’t forget to check shelters in adjoining counties, especially if you’re near a county line.


Call and/or visit your shelter every few days, for as long as you can.

Often pets wander for quite a while or are found by other people who keep them weeks, even months, before turning them in. In the meantime, the owners give up the search. Shelter workers cannot possibly keep all lost reports “current,” and may fail to recognize the description on pets that have been missing weeks or months.


Place an ad with your local newspaper, TV or radio station.

Many will run a free ad for several days as a community service. Check the “found” ads daily. Consider offering a reward to encourage people to be on the lookout for your pet and to call you if found. Give the best description of your pet that you can, with any information that will help with identification, such as unusual markings.


Search Your Neighborhood

If you have lost a cat that has never or rarely been outside, be aware that many of these cats will be so frightened that they just hide for days or weeks. They are often within a block of your house but are too terrified to move. Search your yard, sheds, garages, and get your neighbors’ permission to search their outbuildings also. Some of these cats can be recovered by trapping with a humane trap baited with food.


Report a Lost or Stolen Pet

To report a lost or found pet, print out and complete the form and mail or bring it to the Nelson County Animal Shelter. You can make a report by phone, call us at 502-348-1865. We can also accept pictures and reports of lost pets by email, please send to: animalshelter@bardstown.com


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